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Welcome to FORUM

FORUM brings campus communities online and to the world, with highly engaging experiences that are delivered on a one-of-a-kind platform.

At FORUM we believe…

…that community is the future of education.

…that university communities transform the world through conversation.

…that community should be open to anyone who wants it, regardless of where they are.

…that universities have a deep well of experts the world wants to hear from.

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FORUM combines the best aspects of social networks and university life.

FORUM is highly engaging, building long-lasting communities.


FORUM allows universities to curate high value content, serving subscribers and not advertisers.

What We Offer

  • Thousands of university experts building real-time communities and starting conversations.

  • Highly engaging, relevant, and interactive communities focused on ideas of leading experts, important topics, and active communication.

  • An online network committed to building engaged and long-lasting communities worldwide.

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The company's co-founders,Dr. Caroline Levander and Dr. Peter Decherney, lead online learning and digital strategy initiatives at Rice University and the University of Pennsylvania, respectively. Both have built digital learning teams and have been industry leaders in the digital learning space for over a decade. They are also highly-accomplished senior faculty members at their universities, and thus have deep expertise in both the demand and supply sides of FORUM's business.

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